When the creators of Garry’s Mod released RUST they had no idea that it would be as popular as it has become, currently hitting the 500,000 sales mark and making about 40% of what Garry’s Mod has made in nine years, Facepunch Studios are onto a winner.

In an interview with Garry Newman, creator of Garry’s Mod, explained, “we never, ever expected anything to dwarf GMod’s success. I did some rough maths this morning: in terms of profits, from sales and royalties, in a month Rust has made about 40 per cent of what GMod has made in about nine years. We can’t really believe it.

Newman also stated on the subject of the Facepunch Team, “We run it kind of like Valve – we just let people get on with it. It’s sort of self-managing – we don’t have any actual managers, really. People are good at their jobs, so they should be able to just get on with what they’re doing.” He added that the team now had fifteen members, some of whom were hired from the GMod community.

Gary then explained on the subject of Rust’s gameplay, “The first thing people do is run around and try and bash people’s heads in with a rock! They want to try and get items and build a camp. Then, after a while they simmer down and realise that they kind of need to work with other people, that if they help someone out they’ll help them back. It goes back and forth like that.” He also stated, “I suppose when someone’s kind to you in the game it stands out a lot more than when someone tries to kill you, because it doesn’t happen as often. It’s a lot harder to be kind to people than to just kill them and take all their stuff. You can get a lot of satisfaction from giving someone trust and not having it thrown back in your face.”

In my opinion this is an interesting environment to make it games and it can create stories with a lot more depth and meaning than those made in normal multiplayer environments, because of the inherent risk in working with others, also exploring the human nature to distrust or trust others. While this may be somewhat removed when playing with friends as a group it is still a very interesting idea.

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