Coming to Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on January 30, Rymdkapsel will be making it’s computer debut after its success on mobile. This real-time strategy game is simplistic in its appearance but is a pain in the arse to master.

Grapefrukt Games announced the PC release of the title last year to much excitement, I for one am really looking forward to it, yesterday they fully announced the release date of January 30.

“With more than 200 000 games sold on mobile, it’s now coming to the biggest platform of all: PC.” Grapefrukt announced on their site, “The PC version features two additional game modes with new monoliths and more missions.”

Rymdkapsel is a simplistic game with one simple rule, survive. Using minions you’re required to expand your platform-esque space station by building supply extractors, dorms, and defences to protect yourself against one of the most difficult enemies I’ve ever experienced. As the game progresses the speed of each level becomes quicker.

Rymdkapsel is definitely one of those games you shouldn’t judge by its cover. It’s definitely worth picking up.

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