You may or may not have seen the above video from Samsung last year that flaunts a prototype of a piece of foldable tech, that’s right, it’s a tablet that folds down into the size of a phone.

Well it seems that the Korean giant have taken a step closer to realising the dream laid out in the video, and a step closer to achieving the goal laid out by their CEO in November to have this type of “folding displays” on the market by next year.

This step forward has come in the form of Samsung being granted a patent for a tablet that features a foldable design, as outlined in the patent image below.


As you can see the details still remain scarce, but this image is awfully similar to that of the device shown by teaser video, so it is clear that Samsung have put thought into how this technology would work and they seem to have a cohesive image of how to put this device onto the market.

Of course it is far too early to get overly excited about the prospect of foldable technology just yet, but it is good to see that Samsung are following this up and are on the path to fulfilling the hope that was laid out by their CEO late last year.

It should be kept in mind that many patents that seem exciting and look to be the next big thing never make it to market, this can sometimes boil down to executing an idea, which is where Samsung may fall short, the mechanics behind this kind of device may reveal the plans to be slightly too ambitious.

What do you guys think? Is a phone/tablet that can fold and flap in a variety of manners to make the screen larger or the device more portable something that would appeal to you, or do you also hold some scepticism about the plan?

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