Yesterday, famed Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders developer Hideo Kojima submitted a post to his twitter page announcing an all-new (and unsurprisingly “erotic”) poseable figurine for the latest line of Metal Gear Solid V collectible merchandise, disapproving ladies and attentive gents, meet the even skimpier Quiet.

Last year, we were given little to no information about Quiet’s character in the game, though many fans of the series were concerned as to the “sexualisation” of her persona, dressed in a rather unfitting bikini along with a sufficiently worn pair of tights – the presence of which brought about a wave of controversy and questions, to which Kojima addressed, stating that there were credible reasons for her character sporting all that skin.

Paying mind to the trailer in which she debuted, it’s evident that Quiet possesses an ability to camouflage herself using some form of mutation in her skin, which would explain the lack of clothing, though not necessarily the styling of it – I’m all for combat boots, but when I think middle eastern war zone, I don’t think G-string.

Following Kojima’s notes, this is the Play Arts Kai version of the model and is still in development.


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