Yesterday SEGA released the toe tapping rhythm game Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper on the App Store but unfortunately it was met with complications which prevented the game from being played. SEGA have acknowledged the issue and have removed the game from the App Store until the server issues are corrected.

In a statement released today, SEGA said:

“An unexpected problem has been discovered in the version of Rhythm Thief that was available yesterday on the Apple App Store, so we have removed it temporarily from the store as we work on a fix. Our development team is hard at work to update the game and it will be back online very soon. Anyone who has purchased the game already will be able to play it as soon as it is back. We will keep you updated and we thank you in advance for your continued patience.”

Right now that’s all the information we have, so until SEGA have fixed the issues in the game, we’ll just have to tap along to our own beat.

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