They’ve finally appeared! Skylanders: Swap Force hasn’t been possible to 100% until this week past. Yeah that’s right, it’s been out for months and players have been locked out of two pieces of content until now.. Okay they’ve been mostly locked out. If you don’t know what Skylanders: Swap Force is let us get you enlightened first. It’s a platformer based within the Spyro universe (loosely) where you take varying elemental Skylanders through levels to defeat the evil Kaos and collect everything.

What makes the game stand out however is how characters are implemented. Instead of standard DLC or unlocking characters via progress, you purchase figures and place them on the Portal of Power peripheral and pull them into the game to use them. It does have a reputation amongst many as a cash farming strategy by Activision in order to get kids and parents to spend more money but all three games have been fun to play, and characters are manufactured at a very high standard.

Skylanders: Swap Force stands out amongst its predecessors by bringing characters called Swap Force Skylanders, who you snap in half and switch their respective parts around to make combinations of elements and whole new characters. The two new characters you see above, Rubble Rouser and Stink Bomb, hold special significance.

Challenges in the game can be unlocked using the bottom half of Swap Force Skylanders as they unlock minigames based upon the abilities of these lower regions. For example Fire Kraken has a bouncing ability which unlocks bouncing minigames and Magna Charge unlocks speed-style challenges much like the chaos emerald mini games in Sonic games of yesteryear. Stink Bomb unlocks the stealth mini-games which so far have been locked out to all players and will finally allow people to get closer to their 100% goals.

The second new Skylander gives those of us without friends who can’t play co-op the ability to unlock double element gates. These are originally intended to be unlocked using two differing elemental parts from Swap Force Skylanders but no earth Swap Force characters have been released before Rubble Rouser. There was a way around this by enjoying co-op with a friend who owns a standard earth Skylander but as we all know, this isn’t possible for every gamer.

Stink Bomb and Rubble Rouser, along with Light Core Whamshell and Countdown and new Adventure and Battle Packs are now available in limited stock in Toys’R’Us stores across America but there is no word on when they will begin to appear in retailers in the UK and Europe. If you spot them in any retailers on the other side of the Atlantic then please post them in the comments below. Mainly to help out other Portal Masters and partly because I WANT THEM.

If you’re a fan of Skylanders why not go check out our Skylanders: What Force video on Fire Kraken. There will be more coming in the series soon. You can subscribe to us on YouTube to see more as and when they go up.

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