Get ready to shit your pants from the comfort of your livingroom as Slender: The Arrival makes it’s way onto PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime during the first quarter of this year. Mmm, I can’t wait.

Slender: The Arrival is the official commercial remake of the browser-based horror phenomenon Slender: The Eight Pages where players are given the task of searching a dark, eerie wood for bits of paper, armed with nothing more than a torch, but they’re not alone. Along the way you’ll run into that terrifying bastard, Slender. I’ve also just learned that Slender isn’t the only thing to join you on your journey.. no thanks.

The console edition of Slender: The Arrival is published by Majesco’s new indie label, Midnight City, and will contain two new new “flashback levels” that’ll unlock after you’ve completed the terrifying campaign. The “flashback levels” will also be coming as a free update to the Steam version of Slender: The Arrival around the same time as the console release.

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