Snapchat haven’t exactly had the best start this year, first it was discovered that an exploit could match phone numbers to usernames, then someone leaked an entire database of phone numbers that had been matched with usernames after Snapchat practically shrugged the exploit off, following the leak Snapchat took their sweet time to apologise and eventually fixed the exploit, now however users of the disposable photo sharing app are getting a lot of snap spam..

Surprisingly Snapchat are keen to quickly apologise about this issue, probably because it’s actively effecting their users, and have advised that those receiving spam should change their settings to receive snaps from ‘Only My Friends.’

We want to apologize for any unwanted Snaps and let you know our team is working on resolving the issue. While we expect to minimize spam, it is the consequence of a quickly growing service.

The company also reassured users that “as far as [they] know” the wave of spam is nothing to do with the information that was leaked earlier in the year, something I find fairly hard to believe and even Snapchat themselves don’t seem to sure, but of course they’ll say that it was unrelated, that’s PR 101.

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