Reacting much quicker to the spam situation than they did the exploit that resulted in thousands of users information being leaked, Snapchat have launched a new measure to ensure you’re a human and not a Spambot by simply asking you to Find the Ghost.

In a recent update the App has now created a cutesy verification method which you’ll be required to complete in order to use the app and prevent mass creation of dummy accounts that have been used in the past to spam peoples Snapchats. Now when you sign up you’ll be presented with nine seemingly similar images some of which feature Snapchat’s ghost mascot. All you’ll be required to do is choose the images that have the little ghostie in.

Snapchat have also revealed that they now have server-side checks in place to make sure that those using the Find my Friends feature are real people with, now verified, phone numbers.

It’s something, at least..

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