It looks like Snapchat have finally held their hands up and have sort-of apologised for the leak of over 4.6 million Snapchat users by releasing an update which ‘fixes’ the exploit that allowed the leak to happen.

The update now allows people to opt-out of linking their phone numbers to their Snapchat accounts, a solution that could have been easily implemented following the leak, or even before when Snapchat was made aware of the exploit. The company has outlined that if you’re an existing Snapchat user you can just head to Settings > Mobile # to opt out of having your number liked to your account.

New Snapchat members will need to ‘verify’ their numbers before using the ‘Find my Friends’ features – but why would you want to do that?

Overall Snapchat has taken their sweet time to fix this issue clearly showing little to no remorse to the massive leak that happened just a few days into 2014. Though the question is, should Snapchat apologise? It seems that the only people that care about the massive leak are tech journalists and not the users themselves.. Let me know your thoughts below.

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