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Whoah, hold on there. Before you start throwing your cash at the screen over the idea that Sony are going to be releasing a new PlayStation 3 built specifically for PlayStation Now, put your wallet away. After the announcement of their game streaming service PlayStation Now at CES, sources close to the mater have revealed that Sony have created a new type of PlayStation 3 specifically to power the streaming platform.

The news comes from Eurogamer who has heard from sources who have been briefed on the project that Sony have created a powerful PlayStation 3 console that uses eight custom console units that are integrated into a single rack server in order to power the service. This special proprietory console will be used by many but will never see the light of day.

See, this new console will be used to power the various PlayStation titles you’ll be streaming using PlayStation Now and if the sources are correct this new console will hopefully eradicate any latency issues, reduce space needed to store and run the consoles, and less power consumption.

Initially Sony experimented with actual PlayStation 3 retail consoles placed in data centres but the sheer amount of space needed as well as the power consumption was too much for this idea to become a reality. The details are vast and you can read more into the new hardware in the source link below.

Now, for those arriving here thinking Sony are releasing a brand new console, the idea also crossed my mind and I think it’s pure genius. Get this, the console itself will be fairly basic in terms of specs, think, a PlayStation 3 with no hard drive or disc drive. Just a basic shell with an Ethernet port and WiFi capabilities that allows us to stream games using the PlayStation Now service… Hold on a minute.. That sounds kind of like the PS Vita TV

Never mind then..

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