I liked Pacific Rim and from my understanding a lot of other people like Pacific Rim too and from what I understand there is a big message behind Pacific Rim – the idea of internationalism, the fusion of different countries and cultures ideas, the idea of giant mechas going up against Lovecraft inspired monsters.

Pacific Rim is a big budget action film which is not set in the US, and the West not being a general setting for the story, that’s another reason why I liked the film and I think its lesson here is simple.

Inspiration needs to go global.

We think of the superhero as being a US thing but it’s not. We have Japanese superheroes like Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and a French superhero called Wade, but be honest can you name anymore?

I’m struggling with that question.. So what I’m basically proposing is a widening of the cultural resources we use in comics. For example, instead of DC’s next hero being American, let’s say he or she could be Swedish and instead of having to go to America to fight bad guys they stay in their own country and draw ideas for stories from Swedish culture.

I’m not saying we need a Captain Sweden, but there could be something in the Swiss land that resonates with a writer.

It’s easy to borrow from Japanese culture because it’s hugely publicised. But surely we can think of an outlet that will allow people use different settings and ideas to create some fresh superheroes? A superhero can work in any culture or country. Just look at how many superhero films and comics get translated around the world.

People want this stuff.

Look at the current global platform, America isn’t the quiet the power it used to be. Other countries are getting their turn in the spotlight. If world powers change before culture does something’s wrong. Culture can be the first warning of changes amidst. Sherlock Holmes highlighted the need for better trained policeman, Big Brother warned us of the dangers of surveillance.

Already Mark Millar’s Supercrooks covers this idea.

How a bunch of US villains leave the US and go to Spain were there are no heroes.

I just feel it’s time to accept that the world doesn’t revolve around the West. Look at the film Nation Awakes, Pakistan’s first superhero.. Now do you get what I mean?

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you know of any non US based super heroes? Leave a comment below or send me a tweet @Protagonistboy.

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