So Peter Parker is back – well technically he never left, since for the past year and a bit Dr. Octopus body swapped with Peter Parker leaving Peter to die in his terminally ill body. But as of April Peter Parker gets his body back!

It was pretty predictable that this would happen and that it would somehow tie in with the marketing of the Amazing Spider-man 2 but since writer Dan Slott has literally written himself into a corner it’ll be interesting to see how he gets out of it.

The Superior Spider-man has it’s good moments and it’s bad moments. Slott confidently has written back in a whole chunk of the Spidey universe most had deemed too strange to referred to, like Spider-man 2099 for example.

I do feel a bit that Otto will not come out the other end of this a good person. The whole point of the arc was to see him slowly become a better person and being given a second chance. Though any attempt at brining this person out always seems to be shot down, but in case Dan Slott feels like doing this body swap dance again. I have a few characters he should keep in mind:

Kaine – Kaine’s had a hard life. It’s bad enough he only exists because a mad scientist cloned Peter Parker, but it really sucks that he was blighted by a genetic disorder which slowly killed him and his past keeps on haunting him. If Peter ever fancies a holiday maybe him and Kaine could trade for a while?

Venom Symbiote – The Venom suit is obsessed with Peter. Maybe if the suit’s mind was transferred into its obsessions body he’d probably leave Peter alone?

The Thing – How would the Fantastic Four’s resident hard man cope in a smaller less rocky body? And how would it change his outlook on life? Maybe being a giant orange boulder wouldn’t be so bad if he knew how it was to be the New York’s most despised superhero?

Superman – It’s unlikely to happen thanks to the massive legal nightmare it would cause but think about it; How would a big time and much loved hero cope becoming a underpowered despised ‘public menace’ What spin would he put on Peter’s powers? Would he use technology from Krypton to build his own web shooters perhaps?

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