Undead Labs, currently developing State of Decay for the Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade and PC, announced yesterday on their website that they’ve just signed a multi-year, multi-title agreement to extend their relationship with Microsoft Studios.

Jeff (Researcher, Undead Labs) explained that they’re currently a little dubious about sharing any more details about the agreement as they “think it’s best if [they] just keep our [their] heads down and build some prototypes before [they] talk too much.” Sounds very diplomatic, but from reading the blog it’s apparent that big things are afoot for the folks at Undead Labs, and that they’re incredibly excited about gaining support from Microsoft.

I for one wish them all the best – I can’t get enough of the zombie-survival open-world genre…

Anyway, above is a little trailer for anyone unfamiliar with State of Decay, because I’m feeling nice and stuff.

Games… Need. More. Games…

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