Steam Greenlight

Steam, yesterday, announced during Steam Dev Days that the gaming distribution platform now has around 75 million active accounts, a massive leap compared to the 65 million they announced in October. During the event the firm also announced that they also want to get rid of Steam’s Greenlight service.

During the Steam Dev Days event Valve’s Gabe Newell announced that their Steam Greenlight voting service could soon be getting the chop: “Our goal is to make Greenlight go away. Not because it’s not useful, but because we’re evolving.” that being said, Valve also want to evolve the Steam OS to include media streaming services and music players to further expand the Steam Machine.

Steam Greenlight has provided a way for developers to show off their games assets such as gameplay videos, screenshots, development progress, ect in order to obtain votes from the Steam community. Once the game’s votes achieve “critical mass” the game is then unleashed onto Steam.

Details on exactly what Newell meant at the Steam Dev Days event are pretty thin, but I’m looking forward to how Steam is going to evolve in the next few years.

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