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All good things must come to an end, or so they say. A bottle of Jack Daniels, an extra large bacon double cheeseburger or another A Song of Ice and Fire book. All just as excellent as some of the deals we’ve seen in the past fortnight of ridiculous cuts that Steam have offered in their holiday sale.

In a surprise gesture, today’s list of games comprise of the top 24 popular deals we’ve seen since the beginning of the sale. If you still have the moolah, there’s the opportunity to swipe up some big name bargains before we all have to save up for our expensive hobby all over again.

My wallet is as empty as Santa’s sack on Boxing Day, so I’ll just retreat into the background with a tear in my eye, leaving you with a collaboration for this final day from Aaron, James Knack, and I on our favourite deal in a farewell to extremely low priced Steam titles. At least until Spring…

dishonoredPaul’s Choice: Dishonored

A game of steampunk assassinry, government plots and revenge. You pull on the mask of Corvo, bodyguard to the Empress of Dunwall, a city where a plague is in full force and corruption is rife.  You’ll find that out first hand when you’re framed for the assassination of your ruler and the kidnapping of her daughter. Corvo embarks on a journey to clear his name and unravel a mystery that lets you define how you play in some stunning watercoloured environments that set the scene for a good old bout of butchering.

You get to choose how you play, either sneaking around in the shadows, picking your perfect moment to pounce on unsuspecting city guards or rushing in with blade swinging, blasting holes in helmeted heads without abandon. You can also use some super-sexy special powers that you’ll acquire through use of runes scattered throughout missions. Fancy sticking a wire trap to the back of a rat, possessing it then scurrying into a group of fine moustachioed bad guys just to watch them burst into a pile of guts while you chuckle maniacally from a rooftop.

You can purchase this masterpiece for just £3.74 or, if you like the idea of a full package, the game of the year edition is a screen splurging £10.19. If, like me, you already have Dishonored in your Steam library but haven’t had the chance to get the DLC, it’s been cleaved in half with both The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches at £3.99 each. Definitely a must own game for your collection if you like first person adventuring.

tomb raiderAaron’s Choice: Tomb Raider

Unsurprisingly this game is amongst the most popular titles of the Steam Holiday Sale, if you missed it first time round, here’s the second chance to get one of the most amazing Tomb Raider titles I’ve ever played. This brand new Tomb Raider title is an origin story of sorts where we follow the journey of a young Lara Croft who ends up shipwrecked along with her crew. Lara herself gets kidnapped by some unknown island inhabitants and thus the tale of Tomb Raider begins.

This open world island adventure contains a thrilling story that you just can’t seem to stop playing. Explore the mysterious island and discover the mystery of the survivors,  armed only with raw instincts and the ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara must fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold.

Aside from the story in Tomb Raider, there’s a plethora of side missions, secret tombs, and hidden collectables to keep the game alive long after you’ve completed the main story. There’s also a pretty neat multiplayer within the game too if you’re into that. You can grab Tomb Raider for £5.99 for the next 24 hours!

borderlands 2James’ Choice: Borderlands 2

Taking bazillions of guns onto a lawless wasteland and killing bazillions of lawless heathens, ne’er-do-wells and angry wildlife. It’s what we all dream of. Wait it isn’t? Maybe my shrink was correct. Anywho, Borderlands 2 takes you to the world of Pandora where you – a vault hunter – join in the struggle against the tyrannical Hyperion Corporation who are being guided by their director Handsome Jack awaken a dark evil alien beast… thing. Slathered around this surprisingly well-written and engaging tale are enough side missions to keep any FPS lover occupied for hours.

Add to this bosses who drop awesome guns, a levelling system to turn you into a bonafide badass and up to three additional levels of difficulty (assuming you’re willing to pay for the DLC) and you’re left with one of the largest packages of gaming content money can buy today. How much money I hear you ask. The base game is available for £4.99, with the Game of the Year edition which holds all of the DLC up until the last quarter of last year available for £19.99. Should you want to only pick up certain bits of DLC they’re all at varying levels of reduction. Done reading? Good, now go get it and shoot the guns out of people.

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