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The reports of hacking continue for the third day in a row so far this year, this time EA’s Origin gaming service and Valve’s Steam have both become victim of DDoS attacks but this time it’s not just the sole responsibility of the serial hacking group Derp, there’s more Twitter users involved.

First off EA’s Origin servers were taken down earlier this morning taking down the Origins store front as well as causing intermittent down time for multiplayer-only titles that use Origin IDs. Of course the serial hacking group Derp have claimed responsibility for this particular attack. EA’s support Twitter account has acknowledged the issues and say that the “matter is under investigation”. No other information has been given but services are now back online.

Next up Steam seemed to be the next victim of the DDoS attack with the Store front also becoming unavailable. According to Kotaku the problems plaguing the store front and some of the community services have been going on through the night. For those of you thinking Derp are at it again, you’ll be wrong.

Responsibility for the attack has actually been claimed by two seemingly random Twitter users; @chFtheCat and @LARCENY_ with the latter uploading an image of the program used to take down the service. It’s fairly unclear whether the pair are responsible for the steam store down-time as Valve are remaining quiet on the issues. The Steam Store also seems to be back up and working.

This is the third day in a row that gaming services have become the victim of attacks whether inadvertently or intentionally and it’s getting a bit silly now. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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