We’ve all at some point suffered the same issue as gamers. You get back home from work/school/[redacted for security reasons]/drinking and a game has been announced on steam for preorder. You wanted that game so much. You’ve spent weeks agonising over when it will be available to preorder so you can plan your bandwidth for a preload weeks in advance. Finally now you can satiate that desire and put your mark on your future purchase.

Three months down the line times have gotten harder and you’ve forgotten about the little game that was the sole purpose for your existence twelve weeks ago. At this point a lightbulb shatters over your head and you realise that you never cancelled that preorder. Steam has in the past required you to delve into the dark depths of its user support system, until now.

Now finally as of this weekend, as reported by Joystiq, you can self cancel your preorders and save yourself the suspense of waiting for days on end for a reply. To access this feature users have to enter their transaction history and they’ll find a tasty button of joy at their fingertips saying ” Refund an Item”. Whatever amount you had already paid for the pre-order however will go back into your wallet no matter what method you used to put down your cash but it’s something.

We’re not likely to see the same system Origin now uses on the steam service for a very long time but this is a start. You should also always remember that if any part of your Steam preorder includes bonuses such as free games or posters before the time of release you will not be able to refund this item as it’s already likely to have been redeemed in return for digital goods/services. Therefore there is one thing you must always remember, use the pre-order system carefully no matter where you are pre-ordering.

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