The controller is called the SteelSeries Stratus and it is a pretty small controller, measuring in at 4.33″ by 2.66″ by 1.3″, and weighing 0.165 (75 grams). It has the standard pair of thumbsticks, four pressure sensitive face buttons on the front, a directional pad and four shoulder pads (yes FOUR).

There has been no UK price revealed as of yet, however it can currently be preordered from Apple’s online shop for $100.

It will last for around 10 hours on a battery charge, and connects via Bluetooth. It will be able to connect to iPhone 5s, 5th generation iPod touches, Ipod Minis and iPad 4s, and above.

I find the placement of the shoulder pads to be very interesting, and I have always felt ever so slightly uncomfortable using four fingers on the PS2 DualShock controller designs so having the shoulder pads in different positions for the second pair of fingers may well feel more comfortable, although we shall have to see how they feel to play with before we know for sure.

You can find more about the SteelSeries Stratus here.


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