Strike Vector hit the Steam Store this week and has already seen rip roaring success. Standing almost alone in the gaming world as a fast paced aerial combat game with dollops of Quake thrown in, Strike Vector stands as a title which could take the multiplayer PC scene by storm. Developed by a team smaller than the amount of fingers on your hands named Ragequit, its a quintessential indie title with much love for the genre and the setting dripping from it’s juicy visuals and violent gameplay.

The learning curve to succeed in Strike Vector is intentionally difficult to bring it in line with classic online competitive arenas like Unreal Tournament and Quake. Then again… how the hell do you play a game like this?

Then let James Knack give you a helping hand. He’s poured 6 hours into the game already and stands before the world to offer a selection of five tips to get you started in the swirling combat of Strike Vector. They range from the pretty simple guidelines of move when you’re being shot and don’t move when you’re aiming right up to a couple of sneaky tips for familiarizing yourself with the maps around which you’ll be fighting.

Strike Vector is currently at 20% off on Steam bringing it to a reasonably well priced total of £15.19 until the 4th of February so if this kind of game intrigues you, check out the video and get yourself onto Steam to pick up this amazing title.

Do you have any games that you’d like James to take a crack at to pass some tips on? Maybe you’ve got a few tips of your own for Strike Vector. Then leave them all in the comments down below. Don’t forget as well to subscribe to n3rdabl3 on YouTube and find us out there in the twitterverse or even on Facebook.

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