SwiftKey Note Feature

Earlier this week my personal favourite techno tipster @evleaks posted a tweet which read “SwiftKey on iOS?” Though the Tweet wasn’t accompanied by any picture proof I knew that @evleaks doesn’t get things wrong that often and something was brewing. Low and behold it seems like iOS might be getting SwitftKey after all in the form of SwiftKey Note.

In an image released by @evleaks earlier today it looks like SwiftKey Note will be bringing it’s custom keyboard inside its own Note app for iOS. Of course the image is all we have to go with, so take it with a pinch of salt until SwiftKey announce anything.

Technicall, if this is what it is, SwiftKey are cheating and SwiftKey Note doesn’t allow you to actually replace the iOS7 Keyboard, but it gives iOS users who used to love SwiftKey on Android the chance to still use it… whenever they want to make a note..

On the other hand however Apple could have quietly opened up iOS 7 to support Third Party Keyboards and SwiftKey Note is actually just a note-taking app that the company are working on, but the SwiftKey keyboard seen in the press shot is a replacement for the iOS keyboard.. Though that seems unlikely.

We’ve reached out to SwiftKey for a comment.

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