It’s not long now until you’re tiptoeing through the streets of the City, pickpocketing unsuspecting locals and robbing uppity merchants of their wares. I say not long but if you’ve been following the development of Thief as I have, and waited since Deadly Shadows for more burglary-based gameplay, then it’s been an absolute eon.

Eidos Montreal have spent a considerable amount of time creating a new adventure for Garrett. Some of this time has been due to complaints and some just for tweaks. Jean-Normand Bucci, technical art director on the game has stated that it’s been to the benefit of the almost finished product.

“I have been in many different companies and many different projects and I don’t see what happened with Thief as being all that different from other games. The advantage of an iterative process like this is that it brings new blood and fresh ideas and people to the project. I think that the team we have right now is the best team we could have to make the game we want to make.”

Due to fans having issues with new gameplay styles, art and other quibbles, the team set their sights on building the game around what was expected and what they deemed to be an upgrade to the IP. This has made the process a long one but they seem to be satisfied by what has risen from their original plans and by the statement above and no different from any other development project. Mr. Bucci also had to say:

“We have been listening to the fans and everyone to make sure that we address and enhance the game. We’ve worked hard on the AI very recently. We’ve added some addition audio and visual cues to help aid players to know if they are hidden or know how they can interact with the world. Guards now have a different patrol logic if there are multiple guards or a single guard. They work together more or dispatch each other to check on different areas of the environment. Internally we know we’ve had a lot to do, but we’re happy with how the game has come along.”

From the ever expanding details about Thief, it’s set to be one of the first must have titles of 2014. Let’s just hope the rabid fanbase are as ecstatic as the developers.

Thief is almost upon us, ready to raid your pockets on February the 25th in the US and the 28th for EU on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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