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Over the past week, there’s been a vault full of information surrounding the remake of everyone’s favourite nick-em-up and instead of giving you the stories one by one, I decided to feed you it all in one big veritable feast of gaming thievery. Prepare to loosen those belts and don your comfortable trousers!

First up is a video containing all you need to know to get your customisation kicks and tailor the gameplay experience to your particular brand of difficulty. Ranging from ‘My child could probably finish this,’ to ‘Controller, meet window’, the mountain of options let’s you fiddle with Thief’s very soul until you create your own personal hell… Or heaven, if permadeath and one-alarm-sends-you-back-to-the-beginning, a la Commodore 64 era gaming, suits you better.

The bonus to making the game into an obstacle course devised by Satan himself is that you’ll be awarded extra points. Points however, don’t mean prizes. It means your name will creep up an online leaderboard and if you manage to defeat the game with all the evil options on, you may become number one. That’s a prize to some, to others, it’s plain torture.

So, for your sadomasochistic viewing entertainment, here’s that video:

Okay, so now you know your onions about the options, onto some info about achievements. See, here at n3rdbl3, we try not to spoil your playing pleasure, so what you’ll see here is a link to the XboxAchievements site for the offending list of story ruining stats. Gaming is honestly becoming like TV soaps: You know what happens before the bloody thing’s even aired… Go on you impatient lot, click on the link.

Our third tidbit covers PC Gamer’s playthrough of the first four hours of a demo. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture for those excited for Thief, but then again, the game has been shrouded in hate for months now and nothing much is going to change that. The issue is that Thief hasn’t even hit the shelves yet and four hours is a short time in a story driven game.

The point is that the writer felt that the game lacks a soul and Garrett feels like a game character, rather than someone you can genuinely get behind and feel immersed playing as. Still, we’re all professional gamers and when Thief is released and we can see the whole picture, then we can see if Eidos Montreal have expanded on why it feels so empty in the first few missions.

Finally, we have two videos of gameplay footage from Playstation Access, containing alternate routes and displaying some of the mischief you can perpetrate as a master thief. There’s commentary from lead designer, Daniel Shmidt to explain the ins and outs of the techniques, features and abilities.

Most impressive was the option to steal the earrings right out of a victim’s lugs, just by creeping up behind them and plucking them as if  they were fruit, ripe for the picking. Each video shows a different level of stealth or lack of it and the amount of routes through each mission seems to be quite large.

There’s no story spoilers in the videos, unless you count the actual showing of levels being part of that whole shebang, so most can go ahead and enjoy the jaunt around the City with the knowledge that you won’t have to close your browser in disappointment. So without further ado:

Phew. That’s all you’re getting from me this evening on the exploits of Garrett and hopefully, this barrage of news will have you a little more happy about the prospects of cat burglary. Maybe not and you’ll just avoid it like the plague… Get it? No?

Ah well, let it be known that Thief will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the 25th (US) and 28th (UK) of February 2014.

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