It probably comes as no surprise, but Respawn Entertainment have revealed that a Beta for Xbox One and PC will be coming soon, the confirmation of the Beta comes from Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella on Twitter, of all places.

Though no date was revealed, a leaked image published by French gaming site Xboxygen suggests that the Beta will run from February 14 through until February 19. The French publication also heard from a source from the online retailer Zappos, that the Beta be available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 via both Zappos and GameStop..

No one has yet confirmed the leak.

In other Titanfall news it looks like Respawn Entertainment won’t be in control of the games development for Xbox 360 and have handed the reigns over to Bluepoint Games. Zampella once again revealed this news on Twitter. Bluepoint Games are mostly known for their re-boots of PS2 titles to PS3 so it’ll be interesting to see how the Xbox 360 version of the game compares to the Xbox One and PC versions.

In terms of an Xbox 360 Beta both Respawn Entertainment and Bluepoint Games are remaining pretty quiet. It’s most likely a decision Bluepoint will be making so we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

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