Tropico 5

Stand up and salute El Presidente you miserable lot, for soon he’ll be gracing not only your shiny elitist monitors, but your telly boxes mounted above Sony’s box of joy too.

Kalypso Media have announced that Playstation 4 will be getting the next installment of the city building dictate-em-up as it hits the heady heights of next generation gaming.

Taking us back in time, you’ll take the role of El Presidente as Tropico begins colonisation. Your job, to guide the people in the right, or possibly wrong direction over the era-spanning years. As your culture, city and the world evolves, so do your citizens and you need to keep them happy or in line so that your dynasty can progress through the ages.

Yes, I said dynasty. Kalypso are adding a family system into the game which means you can take part in a spot of nepotism, handing important jobs over to your kids and sending your idiot nephew off to clean toilets for his stupidity… Maybe not, but it would be fun if that was included. There’s not much info here but I assume it will work a little like Crusader Kings, handing your legacy down the generations as your current head honcho breathes his last.

There’s also more to do within the game mechanics, adding scientific research, exploration, technology and advanced trading to give the game a little taste of micro-management that brings it closer to the bigger dogs in the world of strategy simulation gaming.

The Dualsock 4 seems to have a part in Tropico 5 as well, making full use of the controllers special functions, likely to be the touch pad and maybe another use for the lovely, yet battery sapping light bar. Maybe it’ll flash red when insurgents decide to rise up against you?

There’s no release date as of yet, but we’ll let you know when the limo with blacked out windows pulls up with more news and an entourage of security to shame a talentless X-Factor winner.




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