The pivotal first-person visualisation wonder, Oculus Rift, has been captivating quite a bit of attention in the past few months with its revolutionary dynamic response and immersive qualities, so I imagine tech enthusiasts will be excited to hear that a new and tweaked version of the headset will be available for public use and demonstration at CES this week.

Oculus team member and former employee of Valve Corporation Tom Forsyth posted an update to his twitter page announcing the intentions to reveal the new product at the tradeshow.

“We’re showing the latest Rift kit at CES, should be pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to the feedback.”

The virtual reality kit developer is holding out on any details, but we can expect he has something up his sleeve after a source revealed that designers have attempted to tackle “previous issues people had with the headset”, most likely zeroing in on the multiple reports of motion sickness and disorientation detailed in many critical reviews of the product.

CEO of creative parent company Oculus VR, Palmer Luckey, also shared that there were existing prototypes capable of eliminating the motion sickness issue, so I imagine we can expect to see them publicly revealed over the next few days.

The original developer system offered a very basic resolution at only 640×800 per eye, displaying a collaborative image of an ultimate 1280×800 pixels. Whereas last year, the consumer product with a resolution of up to 1920x1080p was showcased at E3, giving designers the green light to schedule the product’s HD quality release sometime between July and September this year.

With the sudden flare for the ultra 80’s sci-fi concept that is virtual reality gaming, Oculus VR isn’t alone in the race to develop stunning immersive tech with Valve tailing behind preparing their own device, scheduled to see a spotlight later this month during the Steam Developer days.

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