Team Fortress VR

At Valve’s Steam Dev Days this week Virtual Reality was a big focus of the closed event. As you might have guessed the guys at Oculus Rift were there showing developers what they’ve been working on, but surprisingly Valve had something to show too, though we won’t be seeing any Steam VR any time soon.

Valve’s Virtual Reality efforts have been previously mentioned before but we actually haven’t seen anything develop until now and apparently it’s “the best virtual reality demo in the world right now,” according to Oculus’ Palmer Luckey. Sadly, right now, Valve have no plans to release their VR technology yet, but instead Valve’s Michael Abrash says they’re “continuing to work with Oculus to drive PC VR forward.”

For those familiar with Virtual Reality tech, Valve believe that 20ms latency, 3ms pixel persistence, 95Hz refresh, 110-degree field of vision, 1Kx1K resolution per eye, high quality optics, very capable tracking, as well as “a great VR system at a consumer price” will be feasible by 2015 according to Abrash.

Have you tried Oculus Rift? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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