Ever wanted to watch some washed up gamers play each other to the (virtual) death in a weekly competition featuring awesome games and cool background music that sounds all 8-bit-y? Then do we have the show for you!

Okay, so as if I didn’t have enough to do every week (thanks Obama), myself and the other two n3rdcast crew members (they are red-shirts, if you were wondering) have decided to start a friendly little competition we’re calling V.E.R.S.U.S., which stands for…something.

Every week for 12 weeks we will play each other in a new game, chosen by a simple 3-way (yes, the naughty kind) rotation. By the end of the 12 weeks, the person with the most points wins beer, a metric shit-load of beer.

Current point totals:

Brian – 1

Aaron – 0

Fish – 2

This week, it’s Fish’s turn. He picked…well if you didn’t read it in the title, then you can just watch the video to find out.

SPOILERS – we suck at videogames.

A note because I love you – I know the video and audio are rough, and the animations are second rate, but stick with us while we get some minor details hammered out.

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