And just like that Vine rolls out it’s web profiles. Last month we wrote how Vine had opened up the chance for users to grab vanity URLs for their Vine web profiles and boom, here they are, along with a brand new “TV Mode” that allows you to indulge in your favourite Vine clips completely uninterrupted.

Much like Instagram’s web profiles you have the option to view your feed, interact with other Vine users, browse through their past videos, and now view their videos on their profiles without the need for the videos to be embedded on a website. Vine have also introduced a “TV Mode” that allows you to watch from start to finish any Vine users collection of clips one after another without having to scroll through their feed and watch the same looping video over and over.

Just like Instagram’s web profiles, Vines web profiles are all about viewing as there’s no option to record Vines using your webcam, a fairly sought after feature I must say.

Head to now to sign into your web profile and choose your vanity URL if you haven’t already.


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