Unity Games and Black Tower Studios have announced their upcoming fantasy-action title, Archangel. Releasing on January 9th for Android and iOS, Archangel features stunning console-quality visuals, and intuitive touch controls that have you casting brutal spells with your fingertips.

Archangel conjures visceral combat action in the clash between good and evil. As the Archangel, you are tasked with dispensing divine justice via fire and force as you explore and battle your way through an immersive 3D isometric world of peril and darkness.

Throughout the game you’ll be able to customize the Archangel’s armor and weapons to boost stats and at the end of each level, wager hard-earned spoils for more treasure – or risk losing it all. With a unique difficulty level that adapts to player ability and experience, Archangel offers endless replayability to both novices and experienced players.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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