A new indie game developer called Dark Synergy Studios are joining the ranks of many and pushing Unreal Engine 4 to its limits in their new shooter, Wake Up Call. Wake Up Call is a sci-fi action shooter, based on a futuristic world that’s been torn asunder by an alien bacterium, in which you play the role of oblivious protagonist,  Kyle Rogers, an ex-special operations soldier.

After 150 years of cryogenic sleep, Kyle awakens to a civil war between two factions of humans, both forever changed by the aforementioned alien bacterium. Throughout the game, his exponentially growing knowledge of what’s been going on since his eyes were frozen shut slowly bring events to light that far outweigh any damage a civil war could do.

Wake Up Call battle

The indie developer isn’t pushing the complex Unreal Engine (which has such small-time titles as the entire Bioshock series, DmC and Dishonored under it’s belt) to it’s limits with graphics (although the game looks great), visual or audio effects, but with a developing world and game. Each and every choice and action you take in the game has the potential for catastrophic consequences down the line.

If you think the game looks pretty cool, head on over to it’s Steam Greenlight page, and throw it a vote. What’s to come for this game is as cloudy and the memory of Kyle Rodgers himself, but it’s certainly got a lot of potential.

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