Last week we wrote that Winamp may not be as dead as we all thought it was thanks to Belgium based online radio aggregator, Radionomy, who was apparently eyeing up the media player and the accompanying Shoutcast media streaming software. This week, it seems that Radionomy was in fact eyeing them up and has confirmed the acquisition of both Winamp and Shoutcast!

Winamp was the media player of choice in the 90s, there was no iTunes, downloading music was a dodgy area, and CD’s were the most popular platform for listening to music. That of course has all changed now with the rise of the MP3, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play Music, but that hasn’t stopped people wanting to use Winamp.

Yesterday it was confirmed by Radionomy that the company had acquired both Winamp and Shoutcast from AOL. Financial details of the transaction are unknown but the Belgian publication De Tijd has reported that AOL took a partial steak in Radionomy – perhaps the company isn’t ready to let go of Winamp just yet?

Speaking with De Tijd owner of Radionomy, Alexandre Saboundjian, said that the services user count should “increase by a factor of 5 to 10” thanks to the acquisition. Even better news, the company is already developing new Winamp apps for iOS and Android that are expected to be released later this year, that’ll no doubt help the user count.

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