So Marvel is going to be producing Star Wars comics from 2015, previously it had been Dark Horse comics, the very same publishers responsible for the Hellboy and Buffy the Vampire comics. This could possibly mean we’ll see cheesy crossovers between the Star Wars and Marvel universes; Darth Maul vs. Wolverine, Spider-man piloting an X-wing fighter, Doctor Doom doing a set with the Cantina Band,  y’know the usual stuff.

So in honour of this legal transaction here’s a list of some properties from Disney, who took the Star Wars rights from Lucasfilm, I’d like to see crossing over with Marvel.

Tron – I always think Tron deserved a little bit more of an expanded universe. It’s a pretty unique concept but it never seemed to take off. So inspired by the special comic covers Marvel produced in which Marvel heroes were drawn as if they were on the Grid, I’d love to see a team of Avengers getting trapped on the Grid and having to team up with Tron to get out.

Plus it’d be nice for a Tron film to be actually about the Tron character.

Atlantis – If your not familiar with this early 2000’s Disney animation in which a team of explorers from the 1930’s discover the lost city of Atlantis. You should, some solid visual design and some fun characters to boot. Maybe this team of explorers could team up with Captain America and Namor (the King of Atlantis) to find some lost part of the city?

Indiana Jones – Yes you read that right. Disney might as well dress up their executives like George Lucas. The House of Mouse just recently acquired to rights to produce future films for the franchise. Before you remember the fridge scene, just chill.

Now just imagine a film in which Captain America (before he was frozen) teams up with Dr Jones. Two iconic pulp inspired heroes both with iconic weapons, could the film be an icon?

Kingdom Hearts – That’s right a crossover with another crossover. Just imagine Spider-man, Cloud, and Donald Duck in the same room… You can now thank me for the wonderful but overwhelming image. I don’t have the heart to make another joke about this.

There’s my suggestions, now it’s your turn! Leave a comment below letting me which properties you would like to see together!

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