Following on from Bigby Wolf’s last less-than-fairytale adventure, The Wolf Among Us returns for a second episode of gritty, noir thrills and there’s a new trailer above to get yourself pumped for some more point and click punishment.

Not that TWAU is a chore to play through, but the content seems to deal torture, violence and more than a little adult entertainment than your usual Hans Christian Andersen tale about child kidnapping queens, naked emperors and ducklings with physical deformities. Hmmm, maybe I was wrong.

Since the last episode you’ll know that… Wait a minute. You haven’t played the first episode? Oh that would be spoiling the fun then! You, get your wallet out and buy it now. It’s worth the money, honestly. just go and look at the n3rdabl3 review HERE!

Now you’ve done that, the trailer shows Bigby interacting with some characters old and new. Mr Toad, Snow White and a host of others return for the next part of the Fables comic-book based saga. The plot seeming to involve the interrogation of a pug-faced criminal and the consequences of those actions? Who knows? You’ll have to play it to find out.

You’ll more than likely be able to catch the review when n3rdabl3 get their grubby paws around it’s metaphorical throat, sometime around the release date which is February the 5th 2014. Until then, go and read some books and learn some bloody morals!

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I stopped reading when it became an ad


The trailer was good; you attaching your name to it was greedy.


I’m doing it gratis; I guess you’re doing it for the other thing. Congrats on becoming a real live journalist.