Xbox One

Despite having lower overall sales figures than the consoles rival, the PlayStation 4, in the last month of 2013 the Xbox One was the best selling console in the United States selling 908,000 units in December alone.

The numbers come from Microsoft via the consumer market research group NPD. According to the company the Xbox One sold close to one million units in the US alone during the month of December putting Sony’s PlayStation 4 firmly in second place – Sony are yet to reveal numbers.

That’s not all Microsoft had to celebrate, however, as they also reported that the eight year old Xbox 360 had a very successful month too with sales of around 643,000 units which is pretty impressive.

Earlier this month the numbers came in and overall Microsoft hadn’t done overly well with the Xbox One compared to the numbers dished out by Sony, but with Sony’s PlayStation 4 available in more regions than the Xbox One, it comes as no real surprise. I’ll be interested to hear at the end of 2014 how either console has done once both consoles are available worldwide.

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