Now that’s what I call trolling. As soon as Microsoft announced that the Kinect was always listening for voice commands, we knew there would be trouble. The old “Xbox Off” joke started, but of course, Xbox Off doesn’t work. But Xbox Sign Out does and one gamer thought he’d have some fun with that.

In the video above one gamer decides to take trolling to the next level. By changing his Gamertag on the Xbox One to “Xbox Sign Out” he decided to cause some trouble in Call of Duty: Ghosts, because we all know that when kids rage, they’ll usually say your Gamertag too, as you can expect, chaos happened.

The video features many people getting a laugh out of the obvious prank, but I wonder how many people went ballistic that they accidentally signed out and closed their game?

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Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! I love that gamer! You have to be good to make it work, so, I respect that.