Remember that fancy white Xbox One that was revealed last year? Y’know, the one that was limited to those that had something to do with the development of the console? Well if rumours are to be believed, it’s looking likely that the White Xbox One could be hitting retail some time in October!

The latest bag full of Xbox One rumours come from NeoGAF member ‘ntkrnl’ who has revealed a handful of information in regards to Microsoft’s future plans with the Xbox One. First October we’re set to see the illusive White Xbox One, obviously it won’t come with the “I made this” branding that the limited Employee console did, but it’s something, right?

Next up, ‘ntkrnl’ has also stated that a month later Microsoft will launch a limited edition Xbox One with a whopping 1TB hard drive. That’s not all, he/she also revealed that Titanfall will not only be getting a limited edition Xbox controller, but an entire Xbox One plastered with the same pattern, an image of which you can see below.

Finally, ‘ntkrnl’ revealed that Microsoft are planning to release an Xbox One priced at around $399 saying that “Maybe one without an Optical Disc Drive” – something we know was previously on the cards for the Xbox One.

Of course, October and November are literally months away, so there’s no telling whether this information is true or not. The Verge have verified the White Xbox One information from their own sources, but again until Microsoft announce something, it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt.

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