In amongst a week packed to the rafters of news and new game releases one may have fallen under the wings of many a gamer. Bandai Namco, or Namco Bandai as I still call them because I’m as resistant to change as an angry baby, have offered up an Open Beta for their latest foray into the Free To Play gaming world in Ace Combat Infinity.

If you’ve got a PS3 and access to the Internet all you need to do is jump onto the PSN store and find it. Luckily for us all it’s not in the dark depths of the store. As of time of writing it’s on the front screen of the games section.

The download for the Ace Combat Infinity client is only 1.9 GB and should take too long for anyone to download. It contains a handy opening tutorial, after which hide a full campaign which is basically an extended tutorial and then Co-op Missions which revolve around two teams of fighters going against one another to come out on top. There’s no direct player vs player in Ace Combat Infinity. What you have is trying to get a higher score than your rival team. Whether it’ll go in at a later time or not is another matter entirely.

Can’t be bothered to go download it or don’t have a PS3? Then watch that video up above and see the first 30 minutes or so of gameplay condensed down into a bite sized 10 minute chunk. If you are interested in it though for the length of the beta, which will only last until the 11th of February, you’ll be able to play for absolutely no money at all and you’ll even get access to a special beta only emblem for your gameplay in Ace Combat Infinity when the game is released. If you’re that way inclined, for the most part any detail on aircraft is lost the moment you start moving.

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