Dripping with malice, every step you take on Alien: Isolation’s murky corridors of space station Sevastopol, are hopefully going to be a heart-in-throat experience. Judging by these new screenies, Creative Assembly have got that atmosphere down to a tee.

The solitary experience is ready to tear you away from the usual shooting range that have been the focus of Alien franchise games of the past God knows how many years. Spending time thinking about your next move and anticipating the Xenomorph’s actions as you tiptoe into a room, trying not to scream in terror when the automatic doors ‘phoosh’ behind you will be the name of this game.

The pictures focus on a couple of areas of the station and center around what looks like a security room and one of the ominous dark bays in the depths of the claustrophobic hulk. There’s also a snippet of the equipment Amanda Ripley will be using including the scanner, using that fear inducing blip noise that added tension in the movies and a gadget that seems to be some coded device to add some puzzle elements to Alien: Isolation.

If you squint carefully on one of the screenshots, you can see the art design has managed to capture the red herring fright effect of Alien. Just look at the pipes on the ceiling above the damaged android on the pic with the scanner… See it? Ruuuun!

Also, forgive me if my eyes are a bit wrong, but does anyone else think that android looks a bit like Ash from the original film too? Might be a bit of a trip for Amanda to see the Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 model that managed to get everyone aboard the Nostromo murdered, excluding her Mum. Let’s hope so… Just don’t follow the sodding cat.






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