The ability to customise almost every aspect of your phone isn’t an overly new feature to those with Android handsets, we’ve been able to change our launchers, keyboards, and even our lock screens. Fans of Apple’s devices however have been stuck with almost the same keyboard for a number of years, but is that about to change?

Sadly not, but according to a recent tweet from serial tipster @evleaks, Fleksy, a popular keyboard replacement for Android are releasing an SDK to have their keyboard be available to anyone who wishes to implement the Fleksy Keyboard into their app. The tweet which was sent earlier today reads “Coming soon: Fleksy SDK, the first alternate keyboard available across the entire iOS ecosystem.” accompanied by the above picture of the Fleksy Keyboard along side the standard iOS 7 keyboard.

Looking further into the tweet, I discovered this page on Fleksy’s website where the company are offering developers the chance to get their easy to implement SDK  to add into their apps in order to allow users to choose between the standard iOS keyboard or the Fleksy keyboard.

So technically @evleaks isn’t wrong, but he’s not 100% correct either. The Fleksy Keyboard could be available across the entire app ecosystem if developers decide to implement the zero code SDK into their apps absolutely free. Let’s just hope apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr integrate it soon.


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