Assassin’s Creed Arena

Ubisoft are branching out of the video gaming realm and are focusing now on a new platform of gaming, table top. Set for release at the end of the month, Assassin’s Creed: Arena will be a new board game coming February 26, which pits players against players in a race for kills.

According to Ubisoft the game is a “strategic game of cat-and-mouse that pits 2-4 players against each other in a race for kills. Take on targets or other players to rack up Victory Points as you move across the rooftops of Constantinople, avoiding passing guards.” That’s right, the board you play on is a re-imagined birds-eye-view of Constantinople, and players must literally fight to the death using a mixture of card-based gameplay and dice rolls.

The game itself will allow you to choose from four of the Templars from Assassin’s Creed: Revelations such as Shahkulu (the Renegade), Odai Dunqas (the Guardian), Oksana Razin (the Vanguard) and Anacletos (the Gladiator).

Assassin's Creed Arena 2

Though Ubisoft say the game is relatively simple to learn, they aim the game at ages 15 and older as there’s a fair bit to learn. “It’s very high-risk, high-reward and has a lot of rules. They’re all pretty easy to grasp quickly, but there might be a few questions right off the bat.” says the announcement.

Assassin’s Creed: Arena will be available on February 26 and will set you back around $50. You can pre-order Assassin’s Creed: Arena now at Cryptozoic Entertainment’s official store, but sadly they only ship to the United States and Canada. We’ll keep you posted on whether the game arrives overseas.

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