I’m always interested when the mainstream press report on the comic book industry, mostly from a journalistic point of view since most news journalists have to copy a huge range of topics, some they’re probably not familiar with. So when it came to the reports surrounding of the death of Spider-man storyline and the plans to have a new character become Spider-man, my attention was captured.

The only criticism I found in the coverage by the mainstream ‘non-geek’ culture outlets was the understanding of where this Spider-man existed. The Peter Parker that died was a Spider-man in a parallel universe called the Ultimate Universe.

I know I’ve already talked about Miles, the guy who became the next Spider-man, but I think the death story needs to be talked about.

So our sad story begins with typical piece of Parker luck. Peter’s life is going well, he has a great girlfriend and the Ultimates (The Avengers are called the Ultimates in this universe) are training him to be a better superhero – this doesn’t last.

An huge array of Spider-man bad guys are let lose including Sandman, Electro and Doctor Octopus, all lead by the Green Goblin, who in this universe is basically a fire breathing Hulk. The group knows Spider-man’s real identity and plan to take the fight to his home.

After a pretty brutal fight with the villains Peter tries to make it home in time before it’s too late. The story so far begins to intersect with an Ultimates storyline.

Basically a Black Ops super team who are called the Avengers have been set up into fighting the Ultimates. Whilst Captain America of the Ultimates is in battle, the Punisher, who’s on the Avengers side attempts to sniper him.

Peter who is passing by’s spider-sense alerts him to the danger, and put himself in front of the bullet. The bullet badly wounds Peter but thankfully he eventually makes it back home.

The bad guys have beaten him back.

In one last epic struggle beats back all the bad guys protecting Aunt May and his extended family and after putting down the Green Goblin for good, he finally spins his last web.

Peter proudly tells his Aunt May he couldn’t save Uncle Ben but he could save her..and that’s it. Peter passes away but little does he know in the crowd gathered outside his, Miles is watching gaining his lesson in great power.

death of spiderman

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