Did you know Kyle Rayner is a Green Lantern? Before you scream, “but wait! I thought Hal Jordan was the only Green Lantern?” I’m afraid your slightly wrong…

You see Green Lantern isn’t a solo. It’s actually a intergalactic police force commissioned by demi-god alien race The Guardians. A Green Lantern is chosen for each sector of space. The choice is based on the character of a being. Like how fearless and just they are. So, back on track…

After the super villain the Cyborg Superman destroyed Hal Jordan’s hometown Coast City, Hal was desperate. When the Guardians refused to help Hal had to repair the damage the Cyborg Superman had done, he went berserk.

Slowly but surely he began to slaughter his fellow Green Lantern Corps to take their rings to give him the power to bring back his hometown. Jordan had wiped out the corps including all of The Guardians, expect one.

The last Guardian fled to earth searching for the universes last hope and in a back alley he encountered Kyle Rayner, insecure out of work artist. The Guardian granted Kyle the last ever Green Lantern ring which Kyle accepted and became the last of a dying breed, a Green Lantern.

With the corps now destroyed, Hal had also destroyed the Green Lantern power battery, the source of a rings power.

Kyle was a highly imaginative Lantern. He created many cartoonist and artistic energy forms and was keen on building mecha suits. Being a young adult, this made him awkward to place on a super team. Too old for the Teen Titans and a little young for the Justice League.

Kyle’s character also had an effect on the intellectual criticism of comics. After his girlfriend Alexandra DeWitt was killed by Major Force and stuffed into a refrigerator this lead to the term “Woman in Refrigerators Syndrome”, a term used when a female character is sidelined to be used in a plot device in some way as part of male characters story.

Eventually Kyle was able to help restore the Green Lantern corps along with a pennant searching Hal Jordan.

This was made possible thanks to the incredible decade long backlash against the sudden story changes made when Kyle debuted back in the 90’s, in which angry fans even took out paid advertising to bring back Hal Jordan and the corps.

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