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Call of Duty is moving to a three-year development cycle with three studios taking turns to develop the next entry in the franchise.

Since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the Call of Duty series which has been a staple of the November release schedule has been left under the care of two developers at a time to ensure yearly releases. Both Infinity Ward and Treyarch – with a little help from Sledgehammer games – have been able to keep the series selling more and more each release and cementing the series further into the gaming zeitgeist.

Everyone’s got a preferred Call of Duty developer even if they don’t admit it but now, we’re going to have three different flavors of CoD-juice poured into our glasses every three years.

It all started when the CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, stated that Call of Duty 2014 is “perhaps the best Call of Duty game ever created”, as well as confirming its development by Sledgehammer Games. Sledgehammer Games will prick up the ears of many a Call of Duty fan as the team who worked with Infinity Ward, after the incident in which Vince Zampella and Jason West left, on Modern Warfare 3.

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Many players see this as the weakest in the franchise and many don’t, so whether the team will be able to live up to the hype their publisher has created will be a tale told on the threads of time. The other and probably more important piece of news is the reveal of a new cycle of development for Call of Duty. It was revealed during an earnings call where Activision Blizzard stated;

“For the first time, this years Call of Duty game, and future Call of Duty games, are being built on a three-year development cycle,” the publisher also revealed. “There are several advantages to doing this, the first is of course quality This will give our designers more time to envision and to innovate.”

That would mean that after Sledgehammer Games in 2014, Treyarch will be the next to step up to the plate in 2015, with Infinity Ward leading up the rear in 2016 before the process starts again.

Do you think this will greatly improve the quality of the franchise though? All of the evidence points to yes but it’s just as likely to make Call of Duty’s next releases fluctuate wildly in their quality. Do you think this extra year of development will help Call of Duty continue its reign of supremacy into the next console generation? Let us know you’re thoughts in the comments box down below.

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