DC is continuing it’s yearly trend of hosting a story event in September and to commemorate the reboot month of the New 52, DC have announced Futures End.

This new story line will give writers a chance to moves the books’ continuity 5 years in the future. It’s already been hinted however these stories will somehow tie in the current stories that the books tell.

With year’s story event we had villains month where all September’s books produced a number of one shots focusing on iconic villains like the Joker and obscure villains like Ares. The year before it was issue 0, where each book produced an issue which acted as prequel and origin story.

As exciting a this is, it’s fairly unusual in terms of comic publishing as the big story events usually happen during the summer.

To make the event that bit more special each title will have a special 3D cover as well. Since it’s the third year, it’s three dimensions of fun.SupermanFuturesEnd

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