The Evil Within is quickly garnering a fan base of survival horror followers, desperate for something new or possibly something that tips it’s hat to the older model of the genre, when the games were about actually surviving in a terrifying situation.

From the media collected so far on Shinji Mikami’s upcoming game, it looks like a welcome return to the gritty, chalk scraping, blood soaked terror that we’ve all been waiting for… Well, maybe except for the house invasion scene that looks a little too much like the opening scenes of Resident Evil 5.

With that said, these screenshots contain some old material and some new. Protagonist Sebastian Castellanos can be seen in a few pics, running like a pansy from a man in an apron who seems to have had an accident with a wall safe. Whatever happened, it looks like a terrifying combination! Hahahaha… Ahem.

Whatever this monster may be, it looks like Sebastian will be dealing with a lot of chase sequences in The Evil Within from men who have a penchant for housework. That’s not entirely bad as I’ve always wanted to see someone get chased by a man brandishing a powerful hoover.

As The Evil Within still doesn’t have a release date, you’ll just have to wait until we get some news and satisfy yourself with the fact that it should be sometime this year.

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