As if I need another excuse to go to McDonald’s, but here it is. It looks like McDonalds in the UK is going to start getting Mario themed toys in their Happy Meals pretty soon. This follows the news that Nintendo plans to license out their characters for use in other ways, this appears to be one of them.

Found deep in the McDonalds’ UK website is a promotional image for Mario Happy Meal toys ‘coming soon’ with little to no details as to what toys will be found in the magical box of deliciousness. Perhaps Super Mario plushies? A range of cheap plastic toys that do unique things? Talking figures? Who knows, but I can guarantee one thing.. Happy Meal sales will go up around my area as soon as they’re available.

Again, no time frame has been given other than ‘coming soon’ but I’m sure it won’t be too long until we can get our greasy burger fingers on Mario toys.

Super Mario McDonald's

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