GAME have decided to re-launch two of their stores into GAMEtronics stores, focusing on the pre-owned market. This will include games and now the ever expanding hardware market.

The new stores will obviously have GAMEtronics stores in massive competition with CEX stores. CEX as many of you know specialise in pre-owned and pre-loved hardware and software. Games, Blu Rays, Consoles and a bunch of other things are all available in these stores.

GAMEtronics“Gamers can now trade in all kinds of tech devices, from consoles and software to tablets, phones, laptops, cameras, TVs, and sat navs, [This] makes purchasing new releases, digital content, and, in particular, the next-gen consoles even more affordable. GAMEtronics is a great way for even more gamers to take the leap into the next generation of gaming.” A spokesperson for GAME has told

The two stores that will be re-branded into GAMEtronics stores will be in Lincoln and Cambridge with more hopefully opening elsewhere. The GAMEtronics stores will also be selling new hardware and software too, which to me seems a bit redundant but I don’t get payed to make these massive decisions by GAME so I’ll leave that up to them.

If you’re in the Lincoln or Cambridge area will GAMEtronics be a store that you’ll use for your pre-owned goods? Let us know in the comments below.

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