For a moment we had it and then Google snatched it out of our hands. Earlier today rumours of a Chromecast release in the UK surfaced from tech retailer Currys who said that the dongle will be sold starting March 1, following the news being published it seems that Google have that there’s no truth to this rumour.

Google’s Chromecast dongle, priced at $35, is a small, compact device that sits in one of the HDMI slots in your TV and turns your TV into something a little smarter. Giving you the option to stream from your smartphone as well as view apps such as Netflix and Hulu, this cut-price dongle is a must have for any media junkie.

Google have been pretty tight lipped on a release anywhere outside of the US so when the rumours surfaced of a UK release on March 1, I was so happy. Then I read TechRadar’s post in which they’d heard back from a Google representative who said that there’s “absolutely no truth to the March 1 release date, despite what retailer Currys has said.”

I have hopes that this is just damage control and that Google have something planned pretty soon for the Chromecast, but I think that may not be the case..

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