Mysterious structure built on floating barge is seen in San Francisco Bay

Floating retail store? ‘Interactive space where people can learn about new technology’? Studio/exhibition space? Whatever it’s going to be, it’s not going to be what it’s going to be at California’s Treasure Island’s Pier One for much longer. Rather than purchasing a permit to keep the blocky barge docked, Google have instead decided to set sail for Stockton next week, garrrr! Thing is, Stockton’s not really that far – still in California – but perhaps they’ll find cheaper rates there, eh?

Honestly, I don’t think the short trip to Stockton will satisfy the sailors on Google’s vessel – I’m expecting them to announce ‘Google Surf’ anytime now – an interactive online map of the best surf, sun and beach sites in the US as experienced the HMS Google Barge. Perhaps the barge at Treasure Island is hoping to join up with the other barges dotted around the country and form a kind of ‘Google Fleet’. Who knows?

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